Joint committee hearing open to public to be held by Senators Ericksen and Roach regarding property rights.

We are hoping to get a packed house at the Joint Committee Hearing this Thursday at the Sumner Performing Arts Center hosted by State Senators Doug Erickson and Pam Roach! Invite your neighbors, families, friends, even enemies will work! Everyone is invited to share their views of how they dislike the idea of the Government’s attempt to restrict what property owners can do to their own property. Legislators from around the state will be in attendance.

Proposed changes will severely restrict what owners can do to maintain their property, thus lowering the value of their property. This is not just a Pierce County issue, but a statewide issue that impacts every citizen. Lowering the value of properties with waterfront access will also lower tax revenues. Fire districts, school districts, law enforcement, etc. will have to make up for these lost revenues elsewhere. It is important our elected officials know your concerns regarding the proposed changes.

The meeting will be held at the Sumner Performing Arts Center, 1707 Main St, Sumner, WA, Thursday, April 17th at 7pm. The public is encouraged to attend.

Joint Senate Hearing on Shoreline Management Act

Where: Sumner High School Performing Arts Center, 1707 Main Street, Sumner
When: Thursday, April 17th, 7 p.m.
Who: Washington State citizens who want a voice on the future of their property rights
Why: The meeting will address the Shoreline Management Act and its land use implications.
More Info: Joint Senate Hearing on Shoreline Management Act

The latest version of the current Pierce County Shoreline Management Plan may be found at

We need to keep up the fight by bringing the issues of the Shoreline Management Act to the forefront. This assault on property rights is a huge land grab being instituted by state government. Pierce County and the people of the State of Washington need to be heard. This meeting will be an excellent venue to send the message to legislators and the Governor that we want relief from the far reaching and unnecessary application of the Shoreline Management Act.

Senator Doug Ericksen, chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, Environment, and Technology and Senator Pam Roach, chair of the Government Operations Committee are hosting a joint committee hearing to give the people of the state a look at what is happening. 

Legislators from around the state will be there. Take this opportunity to let the state government know that actions being taken are beyond reason! To have a bigger voice we need a bigger crowd. Now is the time to break out of Pierce County and make this a statewide issue! Come to the meeting and be heard before our families and those of our neighbors suffer the financial losses just to satisfy over-reaching bureaucrats.

Following are a few comments brought up at previous community meetings that may help give a jump start on questions and comments you would like to present at the April 17th meeting.

Taxes: High property taxes should ensure rights of property use.

No scientific basis: Repeated often and examples given. Council should research scientific justifications before making decision. 

Tyrannical government: Typical way to take over and control is more regulation, fees, taxes, restrictions, etc. These are an act and a play to take over our property.

Confiscation without compensation

Direct violation of the state and federal constitutions. 

The council is here to represent the people, not DOE.  Government of, by, and for the people.

Aquaculture taking over salt water shoreline and leaving debris and muddy mess without regulation or taxes. Repeatedly stated that if DOE really is concerned about environment then they should be regulating this harmful industry.

Let the community write the plan. They are the most concerned stewards of waterfront. Get the DOE out of it altogether.

"No net loss" is new terminology. What exactly does it mean? For whom?

"Overreaching" by DOE. "Bullied" by DOE. Repeated several times.

Council devise shoreline plan. Provide solid evidence for actions taken. Fighting with DOE will be a lose-lose situation.

Where is DOE's data?

Council vote no and other counties will follow because the people are strongly against these regulations

More Info: Joint Senate Hearing on Shoreline Management Act
The latest version of the current Pierce County Shoreline Management Plan may be found at

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